Cisco SD-WAN Advanced Policy and Security (SDWSEC)


Course Overview

This course is hands-on training on Cisco SD-WAN advanced policy implementations, basic and advanced Cisco SD-WAN Security, basic security features that are available on both vEdge and cEdge routers like Zone Based Firewall, and advanced security features on cEdge router with the latest IOS-EX code that has advanced features like URL Filtering, IPS, Application Aware Firewall, AMP Integration and many other advanced features are covered as a part of this training. This course also provides hands-on training on Cisco SD-WAN Programmability features.

Цели курса

Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Implement advanced SD-WAN Policies
  • Understand Cisco SD-WAN Security Features
  • Implement Zone Based Firewall on the WAN Edge
  • Implement Firewall and IPS Policies
  • Understand Cisco SD-WAN Programmability features
  • Script APIs to automate Cisco SD-WAN vManage configurations

Цены & Delivery methods

Online training Onsite

Длительность 5 дней

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