Learning Intune with How to Manage Devices (INTUNE) – Outline

Детальна програма курсу

Module 0

  • Basics of Intune
  • Intune Basics for SCCM Admins

Module 1

  • Trial Version of Intune
  • Created Users
  • Assigned Licenses
  • Took EMS E5 Trial License

Module 2

  • Set MDM Authority
  • MDM Auto Enrollment
  • License Assignment
  • Azure AD integration with Microsoft Intune
  • Third-party MDM

Module 3

  • Azure AD Join Vs Azure AD Registration Vs Hybrid Azure AD
  • Intune Portal Walkthrough
  • What is New in Intune
  • Intune Monthly or Weekly Updates
  • Intune Features in Development
  • Intune Case Studies
  • Devices Node
  • Different Platform – Windows, Android, iOS, macOS

Module 4

  • Intune Portal Walkthrough
  • What are there Devices Blade – Configuration | Compliance Policies
  • What are there Apps Blade – Application Management for iOS, Windows, Android
  • What are there Application Protection Policies (MAM) – Windows protection, iOS app protection,
  • Application Configuration policies
  • What are there in Endpoint Security Blade – BitLocker | Azure ATP
  • What are there in Users Blade
  • What are there in Groups blade
  • What are there in Tenant Administration – Intune Roles, Scope Tags
  • What are there in Troubleshooting Blade

Module 5

  • Unhealthy Alerts – Intune Service Degradation
  • Azure AD Registration Demo via Manual MDM Enrollment
  • Azure AD Join Device Demo + MDM Auto Enrollment
  • Intune portal view of Azure AD Join and Azure AD Registration
  • Intune Device Cleanup Rules

Module 6

  • Windows 10 1903 Vs 1909 difference in terms of Azure AD Registration vs MDM Enrollment for BYOD
  • Join Windows 10 device only to MDM Device Enrollment
  • How to Disconnect Windows 10 device from Azure AD Registration
  • Why can’t I log in to Windows 10 device with Azure AD Account?
  • Azure AD account can’t be used to login to Windows 10 device if your device is Azure AD registered
  • The real-world scenario of Migrations from Domain Join to Azure AD Join
  • Differences between Azure AD Join and Domain Join
  • Windows 10 professional version – If you set up Windows 10 professional as PERSON device, then only
  • MDM enrollment option won’t be available
  • Windows 10 Prof – Setup Options – Personal Vs Corporate

Module 7

  • Azure AD Registration demo
  • Company portal app installation demo
  • Remove MDM Enrollment from Windows 10 1903 and 1909 version

Module 8

  • Azure AD Static Groups
  • Azure AD Dynamic Groups
  • Azure AD Dynamic Device Groups
  • Azure AD Dynamic User Groups
  • How to Write Azure AD Dynamic Queries
  • How to build Azure AD dynamic Rules
  • How to create an Azure AD Dynamic Group for Corporate Owned (CYOD) Devices
  • How to create an Azure Dynamic Groups for Personally Owned (BYOD) devices
  • How to build Azure AD dynamic groups based on Used location attribute of the user

Module 9

  • Create Azure Conditional Access Policies
  • Azure Conditional Access policy for Windows devices
  • Azure Conditional Access Policy What If Options
  • Overview of Azure CA
  • Overview of Intune Compliance policies
  • Create Intune Compliance Policies
  • The brain of Intune Compliance policies
  • Different options of Compliance policy
  • What is default compliance policy settings in Intune
  • What is the actions of non-compliance devices in Intune

Module 10

  • How to create Intune Windows Apps automatically
  • How to Sync Windows Store for Business (WSfB) with Intune
  • Create Windows Store applications using Intune
  • Deploy Windows Store applications using Intune
  • Uninstall inbox mail App using Intune
  • Install Company portal app using Intune