Security in the DC: Architectures, TrustSec and ACI (SDCSE)

Программа курса

The Data Center Customer Landscape
  • Data Center Overview
  • Typical DC Security Issues
Cisco’s Strategy for Securing the Data Center
  • Cisco’s SecureX Vision and Strategy
  • Context Based Policy Enforcement
  • The Virtual Security Architecture
Cisco Data Center Security Solutions Overview
  • The Secure DC Portfolio
  • Threat Defense
  • The Cisco ASA Family
    • The ASA 5585 –X
    • Practical Labs (Configuring the ASA and Virtualization Security)
  • Virtual Security Architecture
    • Virtual Services Gateway (VSG) Architecture
    • Nexus 1000v and vPath
    • VSG Zones & Policies
    • Deployment Scenarios & Requirements
    • VSG in Multitenant Environments
    • VSG on Dedicated Hosts
    • VSG Deployment for VXI
    • Configuring VSG in Layer 2 & 3 Mode
    • VSG & VLANs
    • vPath 2.0: Service Chaining
  • Managing Data Center Security
    • Virtual Network Management Center (VNMC)
    • The Non Distruptive Admin Model
    • Security Policy Zones, Rules & Policies, and Conditions
  • ASA 1000v Cloud Firewall (Features & Capabilities and Intelligent Traffic Steering)
  • Secure Access Control (Identity Services Engine (ISE), AnyConnect, TrustSec and SGACL Enforcement
Positioning Cisco’s Data Center Security Solutions
  • Cisco’s Leadership in Security Solutions
  • Cisco’s investments into R and D
  • Cisco’s commitment to Security Innovation