Oracle Database Security: Preventive Controls (D90836)


Попередні вимоги

Required Prerequisites:

  • Create and manage users, roles, and privileges
  • Create and manage tables and tablespaces
  • Create PL/SQL procedures
  • Introduction to Oracle Database Security Ed 1

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Use Oracle Data Pump export and import and Perform RMAN back
  • Use Flashback Data Archive and Create PL/SQL procedures
  • Familarity with SQL*Plus, SQL*Developer
  • Familarity with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Цілі курсу

  • Configure and use Transparent Data Encryption
  • Understand and use Oracle Key Vault
  • Understand Oracle Data Redaction
  • Understand and use Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting
  • Understand security risks and identify appropriate Oracle solutions
  • Configure general authentication and authorization
  • Understand and implement Global Users
  • Set up and maintain a simple wallet
  • Install and use Oracle Database Vault
  • Configure and use Transparent Sensitive Data Protection

Зміст курсу

  • Introduction
  • Using Basic and Strong User Authentication
  • Configuring Global User Authentication
  • Using Proxy Authentication
  • Encryption Concepts and Solutions
  • Using Built-In Encryption in Applications
  • Using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
  • Database Storage Security
  • Introduction to Oracle Key Vault
  • Installing Oracle Key Vault
  • Using Oracle Key Vault
  • Administering Oracle Key Vault
  • Automated Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Oracle Data Masking and Subsetting overview
  • Masking Sensitive Data in Non-Production Environments
  • Subsetting Data
  • Managing Data Masking and Subsetting
  • Oracle Advanced Security - Data Redaction
  • Oracle Transparent Sensitive Data Protection (TSDP)
  • Oracle Database Vault Overview
  • Configuring Database Vault
  • Analyzing Privileges
Classroom training

Duration 5 days

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