Security in the DC: Architectures, TrustSec and ACI (SDCSE)


Опис курсу

Security can often be an afterthought, leading to a spot technology approach to securing data. Cisco’s SecureX Architecture changes this, providing an architectural approach to data center security.

This course focuses on providing Cisco Partner SEs with a good technical overview of the solutions that are used to Secure a public or private Data Center. SEs will learn to position SecureX architecture for data center security. SEs will learn to articulate the deep value proposition of SecureX as well as key technology components such as the ASA 5585-X, the ASA Services Module, the Nexus 1000Vand the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway (VSG). SEs will learn about the business drivers for securing the data center, and how to connect Cisco’s SecureX vision to solving business issues.


The primary audience for this workshop is the SE or technical sales professional working mid-market and enterprise accounts.

Цілі курсу

Following completion of this course, students will:

  • Be able to explain the various solutions that make up Cisco Secure DC and how they can help customers evolve their data center and solve critical issues.
  • Understand how each of these solutions work, with particular focus on VSG, the ASA-1000v, VNMC, and vPath 2.0.
Classroom training

Duration 1 day

Price (excl. tax)
  • Ukraine: 8 750,- грн.
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